Suicide vet drugs

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Animal euthanasia is a very common thing nowadays. As you know, an animal or pet cannot live as many years as human beings. When you euthanize an animal, it is a positive thing, you are actually relieving your pet of the pain it is going through. When your pet is suffering, it is just fair to alleviate its suffering. However, because of this activity, people have assumed that vets have normalized suicide as a solution to all problems. Because of this, suicide vet drugs have become a thing. People continue to use, drugs meant for animals to try to end their lives. However, is it the same? In this article, we will answer everything you need to know.        


Is veterinary euthanasia legal?

Yes it is. Most nations have legalized animal euthanasia. However, you have to be a veterinary to buy the drugs used by veterinaries. For this reason, it is not possible for you to just walk into a store and buy these drugs. Other euthanizing methods for use at home are available as well. For instance, you can use sleeping pills to kill your dog or cat.

Are suicide vet drugs easily available?

Since euthanizing animals is legal in most nations, you can easily obtain these drugs. However, you can only use these drugs in a veterinary setting. If you are caught trying to sneak them across the border, you risk going to jail or a hefty fine. For instance, one of the common drug when it comes to euthanasia is Nembutal. However, since authorities discovered that people use it for suicide, it is illegal to sell or buy this drug. This drug however is still legal in Mexico and Peru. There have been cases where people have gone all the way to Mexico in their pursuit for this drug. Since Mexican vets can still stock Nembutal powder, they will readily sell it to you. The problem is people there have discovered there is a huge demand for it and have started exploiting the buyers. They have hiked the prices. The other problem with going to Mexico is the cops at the border might catch you while you are trying to sneak the drug across the border. Be very careful if you are planning to do that.

Is it possible to buy suicide vet drugs online?

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Currently, you can literally find anything you want on the internet. It is like one huge market with thousands and thousands of vendors selling different projects. There is also the dark web where you can even hire a hit man. However, we are not telling you to there as it involves so many risks since everyone is anonymous.

The problem with shopping online for products like suicide drugs is finding a reliable vendor. According to authorities, these products do not exist so they are not able to regulate the market. For this reason, the vendors can take advantage by selling you substandard products or disappear with you cash. You need to take your time while searching for a vendor to buy your products.

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Final thoughts

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