Pentobarbital (Nembutal) Oral Solution

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Pentobarbital comes in many forms and pentobarbital oral solution is one of the forms. Most pentobarbital buyers are laboratories and medical institutions who use it for strict medical uses such as sedation, veterinary and in emergency cases. When used in lethal doses, pentobarbital oral solution is used in euthanizing dogs and other animals.

Pentobarbital oral solution uses

Pentobarbital has many uses. One use that comes to everyone’s mind when you mention this drug is euthanasia. It is also popular for veterinaries purposes to euthanize and sedate animals. In high doses, pentobarbital can euthanize animals such as dogs and cats. Laboratories around the world also use pentobarbital strictly for medical reasons such as anesthetic product during sedation and emergency cases.

How does pentobarbital oral solution work?

In simple words, the drug works by suppressing the activities in the central nervous system and the brain.

What is the pentobarbital oral solution dosage?

Pentobarbital Sodium Oral Solution 100ml

Patients should take pentobarbital exactly as directed by the doctor. Follow all the instructions on the prescription label. Dosages of this drug should be individualized with full knowledge of their specific characteristics and recommended administration rates. Dosages should be reduced among the debilitated or elderly because these patients might be more sensitive to the drug and other barbiturates. Additionally, dosage should be less to patients with hepatic disease or those with impaired renal function. When taking pentobarbital, ensure that a doctor is monitoring your response to the drug.  

However, there are many factors that determine the pentobarbital dosage. They are:

  • The condition you are treating
  • Other medical conditions you might have
  • Other drugs you might be taking
  • How you respond to pentobarbital
  • Your height
  • Your weight
  • Your gender
  • Your age

Pentobarbital oral solution is a short acting barbiturate. Because of this, most people prefer it for suicide compared to longer acting barbiturates like phenobarbital. This drug is a reliable, proven drug that causes a peaceful death. Despite large statistics almost no failures have been reported.

Pentobarbital oral solution unlike other lethal medications might not require any additional medications. You only require anti-emetic drugs which you take in advance to prevent you from any vomiting.

Is Pentobarbital oral solution addictive?

Pentobarbital Sodium Oral Solution 50ml

Yes, pentobarbital is very addictive. Always ensure you are taking the recommended amount without reducing or exceeding. You should also avoid quitting the drug without consulting a doctor. If you do that, it can cause unwanted withdrawal symptoms such as dizziness, insomnia, extreme shaking, among others. Ask your doctor about the best way to quit taking pentobarbital.  

Is Pentobarbital oral solution for dogs safe?

If you didn’t know, pentobarbital is very popular when it comes to euthanizing dogs. Specialists introduced the drug into veterinary in 1931 as an anesthetic agent. During that period, it was a breakthrough for sedation and anesthesia of animals. Although other anesthetics have replaced the use of pentobarbital, but most vets still use it for sedating animals and treating epileptic seizures. This drug is a prescription-only medication. Only a qualified veterinarian can prescribe the drug to you. Pentobarbital is a Class 11 controlled medication.   

Things to note if you are taking pentobarbital oral solution to die

Specialists recommend you drink some alcohol immediately after taking the drug to potentiate its effect and mask its bitter taste. You should not eat food before or after taking pentobarbital to avoid vomiting and reducing the chances of slow drug absorption. There are some doctors who give their patients chocolate to help them deal with the bitter taste of the drug.

How long will it take for you to die?

According to studies, after ingesting 100 ml of lethal pentobarbital dose, death mostly occurs in two hours maximum.

Pentobarbital Sodium Oral Solution 25ml

Can you overdose on pentobarbital oral solution?

Yes, it possible to overdose on pentobarbital and most barbiturates. For this reason, it is important to know the amount you are supposed to take. If you are not aware, a pentobarbital oral solution is that amount you take in excess that is not medically approved. Even exceeding with 2-10 grams can cause death. In extreme cases of overdose, all the electrical brain activities might cease. Basically you become clinically dead. The effect can be reversed unless hypoxic damage has occurred. Other complications such as pulmonary edema, pneumonia, cardiac arrhythmias, renal failure, and congestive heart failure might occur. Uremia might increase the central nervous system sensitivity to barbiturates. Differential diagnosis might include head trauma, hypoglycemia, convulsive states and diabetic coma.

How is pentobarbital oral solution supplied?

Mostly the drug is available in 25ml, 50ml, 75ml, 100 ml, 150ml and 200ml.

What are the pentobarbital oral solution side effects?

You might experience the adverse reactions below. It comes from studying thousands of hospitalized patients. Since most patients might be less aware of the adverse effects barbiturates cause, the incidence of these symptoms might be somehow higher in more ambulatory patients.

Somnolence in the nervous system is one common side effect that occurs in 3 out of 100 patients. Other reactions that you might experience include agitation, CNS depression, confusion, nervousness, nightmares, hallucinations, dizziness, insomnia, abnormal thinking, anxiety, constipation, nausea and vomiting among others.

Can you buy pentobarbital oral solution online?

Yes you can. However, it is important to know that pentobarbital is a controlled substance so you should be careful where you are buying. Most online vendors will claim they are selling you Pentobarbital only for them to rip you off. Note that only a few pharmaceuticals are licensed to sell barbiturates. Do a proper research on the reliable sources you can trust. You can do this by reading reviews or consulting a barbiturate specialist.

What is the legal status of pentobarbital oral solution?

It is a controlled substance and you need a prescription from a qualified doctor to obtain it.

Final thoughts

Pentobarbital comes in other forms such as powder, pills and tablets. However, the effects of all of them is the same if administered in the correct manner.