Wrist Slit Vs Lethal Poison

Potassium Cyanide KCN capsules

There are many suicide methods out there and Wrist slit and lethal poison are just some of them. Most of these methods differ in so many ways. Some will kill faster than the others while some are more painful than others. In this article, we will discuss Wrist slit vs lethal poison and what is the best solution.

Wrist slit

This method of suicide is not a very effective and smart one. It involves a lot of blood and pain which can prompt the victim to scream for help before they die. For a successful wrist slit, you need to be very precise with the cut. Research on the body anatomy can help.    

Fun fact: Did you know that horizontal slits are signs of someone inexperienced or a person who never had an intention to die? Those who cut their wrists vertically are considered to be serious.  

Lethal poison

It involves taking a lethal dose of a toxic drug. Some people overdose on painkillers or certain recreational drugs. Some will take pesticides while others will inhale carbon monoxide.


However, the safest bet is using fast acting poisons like Potassium cyanide and Nembutal. Note that not all lethal poisons are 100% painless.

MethodWrist SlitLethal Poison
How do victims die?Bleeding to deathVital organs stop functioning
Is it painful?YesLess painful
How long will it take to die?Depends on the precision of the cut.Depends on how lethal the poison is
Will you see blood?YesNo
How much does it cost?It’s relatively cheap.Depends on the cost of lethal poison.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you slit your wrists and avoid pain?

It’s almost impossible to avoid pain when you choose wrist slitting as a way to end your life. However, there are factors that can help reduce the pain. However, remember that everyone is different in how their bodies take pain. They include:

  • Have a full stomach – According to studies, people who are not will notice less pain.
  • Squeeze the area you intend to cut – If you intend to slit your wrists, squeeze it for a few minutes to divert pain.
  • Use Ice – Holding a frozen item or ice over the cut allows your pain receptors to react to cold instead of the pain.
  • Painkillers – Taking mild painkillers such as acetaminophen can be helpful.
  • Use sharper objects – Using a dull object to cut your wrists will hurt more because you’ll be using force to cut through the skin or vein. Use a sharp razor or knife.
  • How long does it take to bleed to death after slitting wrists?

With great precision, someone can open an artery enough to bleed profusely for a heart attack to happen in 1-2 minutes.  However, not many manage to do it this way. Death normally takes long meaning you’ll endure a lot of pain before you die.

  • Is it safe to buy lethal poison online?

Today, you can buy any drug online safely. You just need to be cautious of scammers. Do a proper research and ensure you’re buying from a reliable vendor.

  • Which is more popular suicide method between wrist slit and lethal poison?

Lethal poison tends to be more popular because of the perks it has over wrist slit. Additionally, there are many lethal poisons out there which gives people more options. 

Final thoughts

Wrist slit comes with many downsides compared to lethal poisoning. If you use a lethal drug like Potassium cyanide or Pentobarbital Nembutal from our website, you can be guaranteed of a quick and peaceful death.