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Doctor Barbiturate – Selected Barbiturates for Diverse Medical Purposes

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Doctor Barbiturate is UK’s best supplier for Cyanide, Nembutal, and other barbiturates. The products that we supply are used for multiple purposes including anesthesia, research, sleeping pills, pet euthanasia and capital punishment units.

As a growing distributor, we endeavor to check each product properly to be sure quality requirements are met each time. We also buy directly from manufacturers in bulk so that the price advantage is directly passed on to out clients. Our clients are not only in the UK, but also include EU, Canada, USA, Australia, parts of Asia and South Africa. We have a friendly customer service. For any pre-purchase questions, kindly contact us.

  • Variety of products.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Secure delivery.
  • Good customer support.

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