Suicide poison pills

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Suicide poison pills are not new in the market. They have been around for many years now. In fact, according to reports German soldiers would carry these suicide pills during the Second World War. They would pop these pills in case the enemies captured them to avoid torture or giving secrets to their enemies. You can also find videos on the internet where someone is demonstrating how the suicide poison pills work.

Are suicide poison pills legal?


First, you should know that euthanasia is illegal in most nations. In nations where it is legal, they use lethal injections to help those with severe illness or those going through severe pain end their life. Because of this, most of the suicide poison pills you will find in the market are illegal. Take care before you purchase these pills. You might be purchasing suicide pills that are substandard. Since the authorities do not know whether these pills exist, vendors are free to sell them how they want since there is no body to regulate in terms of the quality that gets to the market.

The problem with this is your suicide attempt might fail. A failed suicide attempt is the worst thing that can ever happen to you. The suicide poison pills cause a lot of damage to your vital organs some of which is permanent. You might end up on a wheel chair for the rest of your life after this.

Exit international

If you follow news on euthanasia, you have probably heard about this organization. They are the leading euthanasia advocates in the world. According to them, people have a right to end their life how they want. Initially, the group went by the name voluntary euthanasia research foundation. In the recent years, they have been the biggest advocates of the legalization of the suicide poison pill. They even have a book with sections on how to obtain these drugs and how to use them.    

Dr. Phillip Nietzsche founded the organization in 1997 after the first euthanasia law was overturned. The group has volunteer employees worldwide; who make sure it is active and operational.

Is it safe to use the suicide poison pills?

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Currently, there are so many suicide pills in the market. Whether the pill is safe and effective depends on so many factors. One of them is quality. Always go for the quality pills and not the substandard ones. Verifying the vendor’s reputation, reading reviews and such things can help you determine whether the pill is quality or not. Additionally, you have to take the pill as advised. Do not eat before taking any suicide.

What are some of the tips of obtaining suicide poison pills?

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Always look for vendors with top quality drugs

As the demand for suicide pills keeps rising, so is the number of vendors. Some of these vendors do not even have legitimate suppliers when they get their stock. It is always wise to check if the vendor is selling the quality that you need. Read as many reviews as possible; check the period the shop has existed and the reputation.

Never compromise on the nature of suicide poison pills that you need

Always be specific on what you want. Note that most vendors are in business to make money. They have great advertisers and marketers who might persuade you to change your opinion. If you do this, you might be compromising on quality. You can do a proper research before making a purchase.

Where can you buy suicide poison pills online?

Currently, you can buy almost anything at the click of a button. The online industry has come to transform the industry. Whether you need suicide poison pills or food to eat, you can do that online. When it comes to suicide pills, we are experts in that field. We ship suicide pills globally at a very affordable price. Do not get it twisted we never compromise on quality. All our suicidal pills are quality for the money. We only give you the best that we have to bring to the table.


Whether you are a first time buyer or a returning buyer, we will treat you with the utmost respect. All our employees are friendly and professional. We have a safe and dependable shipping system that you can trust. The way our pills get to you is safe and discreet. To beef up security, we have invested in the latest encryption technology that protects your personal and financial data. No hacker can hack your data.

Things we do to ensure that we sell suicide poison pills to you at an affordable price

We do not have a physical store – this saves us much cost such as rent, electricity, and security costs. Additionally, it protects us from risks such as theft that would hugely affect us. We only ship our pills from the source, which cuts cost as well.

Simple packaging – we never complicate our packaging. We know you do not need a fancy or appealing packaging. All you need is your quality pills delivered. Although it might sound ridiculous, this helps us save some coins. Despite being simple, the packaging is safe and no one can detect what is in the package.

We do not use intermediaries – you only buy suicide poison pills at the price indicated in our shop. When you make your order, we ship directly and discreetly to you. By doing this, we are protecting you from rip offs.

Final thoughts

If you have decided to purchase suicide poison pills, you should know what you are getting into. Some of the most common drugs for suicide such as Nembutal pills are illegal. Authorities know this and they are doing their best to stop the vendors. If you are caught buying or selling such pills, you risk long jail terms or a hefty fine. You need to protect yourself no matter what.