Painless euthanasia for humans

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The topic “euthanasia” brings so many heated debates every time someone mentions it. Is it right? Should we legalize it? Is there painless euthanasia for humans? All these and more are just some of the questions that arise during any euthanasia discussion. In this article, we will discuss this and much more.


What is euthanasia?

It means putting an end to a person’s life as an act of mercy with the intention to relieve them persistent and unstoppable pain. The pain might be because of a severe illness, an accident, or some other occurrence that puts the victim in so much pain. You can also call euthanasia mercy killing, assisted suicide, or physician assisted suicide. The definition of euthanasia keeps changing as well as the interpretations.

In most nations, it is illegal to help someone perform euthanasia regardless of their situation. For instance, in the United Kingdom where euthanasia is illegal, if caught helping someone kills himself or herself, you risk going to prison for 24 years.

Types of euthanasia for humans

  • Involuntary euthanasia – the doctor or a relative conducts this type of euthanasia without the patients consent. Another person makes this decision since it is impossible for the patient to do it maybe because of a coma or unconsciousness.
  • Voluntary euthanasia – this type of euthanasia happens with the patient’s consent. It is legal in nations like Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Procedural types of euthanasia

Active euthanasia – this is where the doctor induces lethal substances such as Nembutal in the body of the patient. In simple words, they are life-ending actions to end the patient’s life. The patient or the doctor can conduct this process. In terms of being controversial, this is the most controversial method. Most people are torn in between their compassionate arguments, religious beliefs and moral and ethical beliefs on the issue.

Passive euthanasia – it involves withdrawing the life-supporting system. This definition might not be complete or precise. For instance, if a doctor injects strong painkillers that can damage the patient, some people will think of it as passive euthanasia while others will not. In most instances, people see the doctor’s action as passive.

Is euthanasia painless for humans?

First, it is worth noting that there are many methods that one can use for euthanasia. These methods are different in terms of how they work and the time it takes them to work. Whether euthanasia will be painless or not depends on the method you use. There are methods such as death by Nembutal that have proven to be painless.

Some methods such as withdrawing the life support machine without using any drugs might be painful to the patient before they die. However, it is worth noting that no death is 100% painless. You have to experience some pain even if the death is quick. It is wise to research and consult on the perfect method if you want to end your life.

Can someone use barbiturates for euthanasia?

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Yes, you can use barbiturates for euthanasia. In fact, one of the common drugs when it comes to euthanasia is Nembutal. These drugs work by reducing the activities in the central nervous system and the brain. After you take a barbiturate, you will experience sleep effects. When you overdose on these drugs, you can achieve euthanasia. It is worth noting that most barbiturates are illegal. For this reason, they are not easily available in the market.

What are the effects of Barbiturates?

Almost all barbiturates have side effects. One of the most common one is addiction and tolerance. You will also experience withdrawal symptoms if you take these drugs for an extended period. Other effects of this drug are swelling of the face, tongue, throat, face, or lips. Other effects can be hallucination, confusion, slow heart rate, shallow or weak breathing and feeling like you want to pass out.

Where can you obtain barbiturates legally?

In the past years, pharmaceutical companies had licenses to produce barbiturates. However, this is no longer the situation anymore so the production of these barbiturates has drastically reduced. The reason is, other drugs that serve the same purpose with lesser side effects have replaced these drugs. Currently, for you to buy barbiturates, you need to have a prescription. The United States produces more than 300 tons of barbiturates each year.

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Final thoughts

If you are looking for painless euthanasia for humans, it is important to do some proper research before deciding on which is the best method. However, according to studies, death by Nembutal has proved to be one of the painless euthanasia methods.