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Currently, Nembutal is the drug of choice for human euthanasia in nations where euthanasia is legal. Because of this, it has unsurprisingly become a good choice for people who wish to end their lives even in nations where euthanasia is illegal. Nembutal is highly effective but it is a controlled substance and it can be very hard to obtain it. At times, it is even impossible to buy Nembutal legally. Because of this, most people will resort to using other Nembutal alternatives. Some of these alternatives can be less effective or as effective as Nembutal.


Some of the Nembutal uses

In the past, doctors had authority to prescribe Nembutal to patients with sleep disorders. However, sleeping pills with lesser side effects have emerged making this use obsolete. The FDA approved Nembutal for human use in the treatment of seizures and as a preoperative sedation. Veterinaries also use Nembutal as an anesthetic or for euthanizing animals.

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How does Nembutal compare to other alternative

Individuals can use many ways to end their lives. Such ways include:

  • Taking many sleeping pills with alcohol
  • Hanging themselves with a rope
  • Jumping off a building
  • Cutting their wrists
  • Throwing themselves in front of a moving train and many more

However, none of these methods comes closer to Nembutal. A reliable, proven drug causes a peaceful death. There are no known failures, only many successful stats. For instance, DIGNITAS, which is a Swiss euthanasia organization, reported 840 exits without a single failure. There have been reports of somehow painful or slow deaths with Nembutal in capital punishment. However, this might be because of use of substandard drugs from pharmacies or poor method of administration.

Nembutal is becoming a very hard drug to obtain since the only remaining human use in most nations is in liquid form for use as an anesthetic and sedative in hospitals. In Europe, the drug is very strict because of the strict laws concerning the drug. Because of this, you should know that no pharmacy or clinic sells Nembutal legally; any source claiming to do so is fake. Note that veterinary Nembutal is in liquid form and not pill form meaning it has a shorter shelf life. Additionally, Nembutal comes with a very bitter taste and you need to use anti-emetics to prevent vomiting when you take it orally.

If people cannot obtain Nembutal, they always opt for another short acting barbiturate known as Seconal. This drug is still available in capsule form in the US and some parts in Europe. However, it is not easy to get it prescribed to you.

Some of the ways you will obtain Nembutal


Mostly, you will find Nembutal in pills form. In fact, the pill has a very rich history. During the World War, soldiers of war used the pill to end their lives to avoid torture or giving away secrets to their enemies. You can also buy Nembutal in liquid form or powder form. The powder form is popular in Mexico because it is legal there. Veterinaries use it to sedate and euthanize animals. In fact, one of the leading campaigners of euthanasia Dr. Phillip has a section in his book the Peaceful Pill Handbook1 that educates people oh how to obtain Nembutal in person from Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, and Thailand. However, you should know smuggling these drugs across the borders is illegal and might land you in a lot of trouble with the authorities.

There are many reports from individuals who have successfully obtained Nembutal and others who have not. In the past few years, due to the increase in the number of people wanting to buy Nembutal from Mexico, the authorities have tightened their rules, which have made it more difficult to buy Nembutal Mexico.

In the book, Phillip even mentions a source in Mexico that receives many positive reviews where you can obtain Nembutal over the internet. However, authorities at the border intercept 10-15% of the packages. For this reason, you should not be 100% certain that you will get your package.

People are also obtaining very pure powdered Nembutal from the Chinese via several mail order vendors. They generally sell it in quantities enough for two people at around 1000 US dollars. You need to dissolve this powder in water to use it.

If you were trying to buy Nembutal, it would not hurt to check out the latest version of the Peaceful Pill eBook. They always update it with current information that can help you in your pursuit for Nembutal. They also provide you with crucial information such as the minimum lethal doses and much more. Additionally, you can join forums where users discuss some of the most reliable Nembutal sources. These sources keep changing all the time in a bid to stay ahead of the authorities so you have to be very careful

The peaceful pill handbook contains information that the writers regularly update. It even pictures of how your package will get to you. The information would be very crucial to anyone considering purchasing Nembutal online. Dr. Phillip also founded Exit International a nonprofit making organization that offers a Nembutal testing kit to check if the drug you are buying has the strength needed to give you a peaceful death. Knowing that some individuals obtain Nembutal from unreliable sources, the kit is for reassuring them that their Nembutal is still effective.


From this article, Nembutal is the only way that guarantees safe, peaceful, and painless way to end your life. All the others can backfire on you. If you need to buy Nembutal, you can still obtain it. Budget for a few hundred dollars and do some proper research. Specifically, you can read the Peaceful Pill Handbook, which has a section of “obtaining Nembutal.” They have listed several vendors and they update the list regularly.

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