Drug cocktail for suicide

Drug cocktail for suicide

Currently, there are thousands of drugs. People use these drugs for recreational or medical purposes. However, did you know that some of them could make Drug cocktail for suicide? That drug that you use to get out of reality or that sleeping pill can form a cocktail that can kill you. You should not forget that certain substances and alcohol are toxic. You should consider certain things before you use them. Do not be among the thousands of individuals that found out the wrong way that if you mess around with toxic drugs, you might be putting your life at risk.


The drug cocktails

Most drug-related deaths start with a mixture. According to a 2003 report by Drug Abuse Warning Network, it cautioned that people were using an average of 2.7 drugs in severe overdose cases.

You should know that your body reacts to different drugs in different ways. If a drug affects your breathing and another affects the activities of the brain, then your body cannot withstand this and it will eventually shut down. That effect is synergistic and through toxic tendencies and teamwork, the combination can kill.

When you combine alcohol with heroin, it demonstrates to be a lethal cocktail that is dangerous enough to kill you. If you use these two drugs together, they can easily stop your natural breathing pattern.

Specialists generally acknowledge glutamate as the most vital transmitter for normal brain functioning. Alcohol can reduce glutamate effects thus impairing your judgment. When you combine this effect with the euphoric high of heroin, you might lose the drive to breathe. The cocktail will cause within five minutes through self-inflicted suffocation.

Brown sugar, heroin, and other opiates

According to studies, heroin overdose kills more people than any other single drug in the market. The initial high of heroin causes nausea, mental confusion, sedation, and nausea. However, if taken in excess, the immediate effects mostly build up to cause respiratory failure. It means your body literally forgets to breathe and denies itself oxygen eventually killing you in less than 5 minutes.


Alcohol effects directly related to the number of beverages you consume. Using “metabolizing”, the liver tries to eliminate toxic alcohol from the blood but it can only some little amount. The excess alcohol you take circulates throughout the body. When the alcohol circulating in the body is in excess, the more intense the effect and the as the effect continues to intensify the breathing becomes slower. Slow breathing means less oxygen reaching your brain, which can cause a coma that leads to death.


Can smoking a cigarette kill someone in a matter of minutes? No, not unless the person chokes on his or her biddies, however, the thing that can kill you fast is a combination of nicotine gum or patches and smoking. According to a recent study, this combination adds more nicotine into your body than smoking alone. Sometimes, nicotine can get to levels high enough to paralyze the muscles in your body that control breathing. The combination can also cause a heart attack.

High nicotine concentrations can cause a severe effect.

Sleeping pills and alcohol

It is another popular cocktail. Although it has shown to cause death, it is not always effective and death might delay which translates to more pain.


Just like other stimulants, cocaine enhances the release of adrenaline-like hormones that cause increased motor activity, blood pressure, and heart rate. Cocaine also makes your blood vessels to become narrow. The narrowing of blood vessels and dangerous hormone release is associated with brain damage, heart attack, and respiratory failure and overheating. We have discussed them below:

  • Heart attack – the enhanced motor activity requires your heart to produce more oxygen. However, as your blood vessels narrow, the blood supply reduces significantly, which mostly causes the heart attack.
  • Brain damage – increased blood pressure can make the brain vessels in your brain to rapture leading to cerebral hemorrhage.
  • Respiratory failure – cocaine can have similar effects as a combination of heroin and alcohol. It can cause breathing problems that can lead to death.
  • Overheating – because of the increase in motor activity, your body heats up and you need to cool it. However, when you alter the levels of adrenaline hormone, it can influence the ability of the body to cool itself. The result causes failure of vital organs and eventually death.

Addiction to the lethal drugs

Potassium Cyanide KCN capsules

Apart from the direct and at times the severe effect of alcohol and drugs, each of the substances you take directly affects your mind. They can influence your perception of life and distort reality. These effects are addictive and very dangerous. You should always think of drugs as toxic or poisonous substances that can cause a lot of damage in your life and the people around you. The best way to take drugs is taking them with caution or avoiding them at all costs.

You should avoid drug cocktails involving alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and nicotine. Doing so means, you are avoiding death.                


What if you want to end your life, what is the best Drug cocktail for suicide?

You can take many drug cocktails to die as you have seen above. However, the problem is you can survive when you take most of them. If you survive, it means you will live the rest of your life in pain or under treatment since these concoctions are severe and they will damage your vital organs. Some of the damages they will cause are untreatable.

The Nembutal pills and alcohol cocktail has proved to be among the best ways to commit suicide. Nembutal works as a central nervous system suppressant. Alcohol enhances these effects thus causing death faster. If you are searching for Nembutal, you can buy it from our store. We ship top quality Nembutal discreetly worldwide at an affordable price.


For those looking for a drug cocktail for suicide, the above can work. However, some of them are not always painless.