Dog and Cat Euthanasia Cost

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A quality life is a very crucial thing for our dogs and cats. However, when they become old and sickly, we have to make a decision and euthanize them. But how much will spend on dog or cat euthanasia? There are many factors that determine the cost. We will discuss this and much more in this article.

Factors that determine the cost of pet euthanasia

1.      Distance

If you’re planning to euthanize your pet at home, the distance between your home and the clinic will determine how much you pay the vet. Clinics located far away from homes mostly charge a higher amount compared to those near your home.

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2.      The size of your pet

The cost of pet euthanasia is also determined by the size of your pet. Larger pets need stronger and larger amounts of euthanasia. Mostly, when euthanizing your pet, you’ll need sedatives, anesthetic and euthanize drugs. If you use this combination, your pet is likely to die a peaceful and painless death. The sedative helps the pet relax, an anesthetic helps the pet fall asleep while the euthanasia drug puts it down.

If your pet is large, you will use more drugs which might be the difference in the price you pay. Note that although these drugs are affordable, they’re not cheap. Most people will opt not to use anesthetic agents to reduce the cost. However, using it guarantees that the pet will die peacefully in its sleep.

3.      Cremation and burial costs

Note that the size of your pet will also affect the cremation fees.

If you’re euthanizing your pet, you have to consider these costs in your budget. Whether you’re euthanizing the pet at home or at the clinic, you have to consider these fees. Burying your pet at home is less costly but if the pet had a contagious disease, then you might be required to do cremation.

Most individuals opt for cremation. Crematory costs differ depending on the cremation option chosen. The feed will depend with the pets’ size and whether you want the ashes of your pet returned to you.

Note that some companies that offer communal cremation where pet owners allow their pets to be cremated together with other pets. They then scatter their ashes over a field or farm. Private cremation offers are also available but people should be ready to pay more for such. Since you will come with your own wishes on how the cremation process will be done, the company will add extra costs.

Which is the best way to euthanize your pet?

Euthanizing your pet at home has become easy thanks to our help. As seen above, the process of euthanasia can be tiresome, costly and complex. For instance the average price of euthanizing a pet in USA can go up to $1000 in the USA.

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  1. How much will vets charge to euthanize your pet?

Most vets will ask you for immediate payments during the euthanasia process. These costs vary from one vet to another with the average cost ranging from $250-1000. There is also the option of using nonprofits groups such as the anti-cruelty society. They cost way less compared to traditional vets.

  • Can your pet wake up after euthanasia?

After euthanizing your pet, it becomes unconscious within a few seconds. However, it takes a few minutes for it to die. The vet should listen carefully to the heart of the pet to ensure that it has stopped. If a vet has ascertained that the pet is dead, it can’t wake up. Additionally, to ensure the pet doesn’t wake up, you need to use quality euthanasia drugs.

  • Can a vet keep the pet if I don’t pay?

Most clinics have a policy. You can’t claim or take the pet until you pay your debt fully. A vet has a right to retain a pet or refuse to give you the pet for failure to pay vet bills. Because of this, it is always wise to opt for affordable methods to euthanize your pets.

  • Are there any humane methods to euthanize a pet at home?

Euthanizing a pet at home is easy thanks to the many methods available. As long as your state laws permit you, you can do that. For instance, you can purchase euthanasia drugs from us at an affordable price. We include all the detailed instructions that will help you euthanize your dog at home.

  • Is it okay to put down your pet with a gun?

A gunshot is one of the accepted methods of putting a dog down. However, there are many downsides of this method. It can be painful if the shot doesn’t kill the dog immediately. Only do it if you’re sure the shot will be precise. The best method to kill a pet is administering a lethal dose of a euthanasia drug like pentobarbital.

Final thoughts

When putting your pet down, it is always important to consider how much you’ll pay. With our services, you’ll be able to euthanize your pet in a human manner. We sell top quality drugs such as cyanide and pentobarbital that make this process very easy. We send you detailed instructions for the whole process so you don’t need a vet.